Why Does Print Size Matter for Custom Tees?

Understanding the Impact of Print Size on Different Shirt Sizes

When ordering custom tees, especially for mixed groups of youth and adults, the size of the print can significantly affect the overall appearance. A design might look proportionate and detailed on a youth tee but can seem smaller or lose its visual impact on an adult-sized shirt. This difference is because the “canvas” size changes, not the design itself.

How Can I Ensure a Consistent Look Across Youth and Adult Tees?

Achieving Uniformity in Print Sizes

For a consistent look across various shirt sizes, it’s crucial to adjust the design size based on the shirt it will be printed on. Although the design appears larger on smaller shirts and smaller on larger shirts, deciding on the visual impact you aim to achieve is essential. With careful planning, it’s possible to maintain a uniform appearance that ensures every member of your group looks great.

What Should I Consider for Pricing Youth and Adult Size Tees?

Smart Pricing Strategies for Mixed Orders

Pricing can differ between youth and adult sizes due to the variations in print sizes. However, opting for a uniform design size across all tees allows for simpler and more economical pricing. This approach not only makes ordering easier but also ensures fairness in pricing for all sizes.

How Do I Choose the Right Print Sizes for My Custom Tees?

Key Considerations for Perfect Print Sizing

Consider the look you’re aiming for, who will be wearing these tees, and how the design scales across different sizes. Visualizing your design on both youth and adult tees can help identify the best size adjustments to ensure a perfect fit and appearance for everyone.

The Example of Event and Sponsorship T-Shirts

Let’s put this into perspective with a real-life example. Picture a t-shirt, see above photo, that proudly displays the sponsors for a local event. On a youth tee, each logo is clear, visible, and takes up a balanced amount of space on the back. Now, if we slap the same print on an adult tee, the larger canvas of the shirt makes the logos appear smaller.

It’s not that the print has shrunk; it’s just that it’s now sitting on a bigger stage. If we kept scaling up the design for larger shirts, it would require different screens and setups, adding to the cost and complexity of your order.

Smart Pricing for Custom Tees: The Print’em All Approach

At Print’em All, we understand that when you’re ordering custom tees for a diverse group, you want not only a great look but also smart pricing. Traditionally, different-sized shirts mean different prices due to variations in print size. But, we can help you create a happy medium design that sizes across all tees all a the same price, making it easier and more affordable. We choose simplicity and economy without sacrificing style and quality, to ensure happy customers.

Ready to Order Your Custom Tees? What’s the Next Step?

Bringing Your Custom Tee Vision to Life

You’re the creator of your tee vision, and we’re here to bring it to life. Consider the look you’re aiming for, who will be wearing these tees, and how the design will scale. Then, leave the rest to us!

Feeling set to go? Drop us a line, shoot us an email, or send a carrier pigeon—whatever works for you. Let’s get those tees rolling off the press and onto your team. Print’em All is ready to make your custom tee dreams a reality!

Let’s create something amazing together.

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