raster art vs vector art

It’s important to understand the difference between vector artwork and raster bitmap files, especially when it comes to printing. While both file types have their benefits and limitations, vector artwork is typically preferred for printing due to its scalability and resolution independence.

Vector artwork is created using mathematical algorithms and geometric shapes, such as lines and curves. Because of this, vector artwork can be scaled up or down without losing quality, making it ideal for printing. 

This is because the artwork is not made up of individual pixels, as it is in raster bitmap files. Instead, it is made up of mathematical equations, meaning that it can be resized without becoming blurry or pixelated. 

On the other hand, raster bitmap files, such as JPGs, are made up of pixels, or individual colored dots. When these files are enlarged, the pixels become larger and the image can become blurry or pixelated. This can be especially noticeable when printing, where the image may appear grainy or low-quality. 

Another important factor to consider when printing is resolution. Vector artwork is resolution independent, meaning that it can be printed at any size or resolution without affecting the quality of the image.  

Raster bitmap files, however, have a fixed resolution, which can impact the final print quality if the resolution is too low and produce blurry results. 

Vector graphic files are commonly created using Adobe Illustrator, which is a vector graphic design program.  The file format that vector graphics are usually saved as .AI, .CDR, .EPS, .SVG, and .PDF.  

There are many programs that can change a file extention from JPG to SVG, but that doesn’t change the fact that the design is still a raster file, but changed to a commonly used vector file extension.  

In conclusion, when it comes to printing, vector artwork is the preferred file type due to its scalability, resolution independence, and ability to produce high-quality prints.  

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